About Me

I'm Matt Rekoske, and I currently live in Bogota, Colombia. My main professional interests are data modeling and analysis, web development, and financial markets. I have a Bachelor of Science in Economics/Mathematics from the University of Southern California.


  • Web scraping and automation with Python
  • Database design, maintenance, and analysis
  • Nonlinear optimizations with Perl/AMPL
  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • Virtualbox setup and deployment
  • VPN and SSH tunneling


  • Edgar Filings - A work in progress, web app built in Python to keep track of recent SEC filings for stocks with potential tender offer and spinoff opportunities
  • Mi Bogotaxi - Send an e-mail to info@mibogotaxi.appspotmail.com with the license plate of a taxi in Bogota, Colombia (format: ABC123) in the subject line, and the app replies with any references or complaints for the specified taxi driver
  • bonus_ev.py - Calculates expected profit of a casino bonus with given paytable and playthrough requirements
  • cashback.py - Determines optimal strategy to maximize expected profit from casino cashback promotions
  • lottery.py - Calculates probabilities of various proposition bets when given lottery parameters
  • sb.py - Contains a number of useful sports betting functions, most of which were modified from Ganchrow's VBA sports betting functions
  • series.py - Calculates the fair value for various series-long derivative bets when given the estimated win probabilities for each game